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IT Activities

The Video Conferencing Studio

The Video Conferencing Studio is in the Main Judicial Commissioner Building which is used for Video Conferencing. It is connected with the Birsa Munda Central Jail, Hotwar, Ranchi and the prisoners are produced before the Judges of the Civil Courts through Video Conference. At present J.C., C.J.M., A.C.J.M., S.D.J.M. and all Judicial Magistrates of the First Class conduct some of the court affairs like remand, daily production etc. through Video Conference. This system was inaugurated in the presence of Hon’ble Mr. Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya, the Acting Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi by Hon’ble Mr. Justice M.Y. Eqbal of Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi on 7th January, 2005.

The Computer Cell

There is a well-equipped Computer Cell with a network of more than 100 systems connected to centralized Server. This is a National Project maintained by National Informatics Centre, New Delhi (NIC). The project is presently implemented in the State Capitals of all the States of our Union. It is intended that in future this same software be implemented in all the District Courts of Jharkhand.

The centralized Server is in the Main Judicial Commissioner Buiding. The Operating System used is Linux Enterprise Server with RDBMS Oracle based on Three-Tier Client/ Server Technology. The network applied is star network. The dedicated Software installed in the Server for entry of Courts’ Data is Case Management Information System (CMIS). All the network points in the each of the five separate Court buildings within the Civil Court premises have been hooked up using U.T.P. cables. For hooking up of network points from one building to another underground Fibre Optic Cable is used. Fibre Optic Cable is connected to CBI Fodder Scam Building, Magistrate Building and Centralised Filing System Bulding.

There are three Servers:
1.    Database Server
2.    Application Server.
3.    Back-Up Server.

The Database Server is controlled and maintained by Oracle 10g.
The Application Server has Client based software developed upon three-tier technology.
The Back-Up Server is used to store regular data entry from the different courts as well as the main program.

Within a very limited span of time, most of the works of this District Court have been computerized. Apart from using the CMIS, the users are using MS-Office for their day to day work.

Training Module:

All the third grade staff (clerks and stenographers) have been imparted specialized training regarding Case Management System as well as MS-Office. Training, here, is a regular phenomenon and is provided time to time as and when needed. The Projector is also used for the purpose.

Additional features of the Network:

The software literature on how to use the Case Management System is provided over the local Network. Any user of the court can access this literature from his/her computer for day to day query or for sorting out their problems regarding CMIS.
There is a temporary shared folder available over the local network which is used by the users for transferring files from one computer to another as required. There is also a provision for sharing the printing devices.

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